Every single human being is valuable.


I am an author, mentor, lecturer, social worker and political advisor.


2014 .... More to come....


1. Aple Ghar <- Our home in India, a home for children who need a home and care.

Kavli trust is supporting my work with Aple Ghar. Kavlitrust is our biggest sponsor.

We sponse schooling for children and higher education for girl.

2. Swadhar home working for and with blind women and men.

Kavli trust is supporting my work with Swadhar. Kavlitrust is our biggest sponsor.

Please read about all these NGO's in NGO folder.

* I am also still with my other NOGs, I worked with since 1985.


2012 - 2015

* Plan India, sponsor childeren, work through my foundation...

* I got 14th and 15th sponsor child, Soni and Nanno. Soni and Nanno is adopted through Plan India.

* I am still lecturer and Mentor for high schools in International classes.

* I am working with these NGOs - - Amnesty, Plan International, Children's future India, GSP - Grameen Shramik Pratishthan, GSP working for blind women, Sevalay - HIV Children Home, and Jagriti Vihara.

Read more about these NGO's in different folders.

* My book was published in Sri Lanka in Sinhala Language.


2007 - 2012

• Became author, political advisor and lecturer …….

• Money from all my books are donated to poor girls in India.

• Established Fund in India. Fund called Higher Education for Girls in India together with NGO.

• And all books income donated to the NGO.

• Sponsored two more children for a total of 15. Older sponsor children out of sponsoring program.

• 2010 Book published in Finland – all money donated to Plan Finland for their campaign BIAAG - Because I Am A Girl..

• 2012 Book published in Sweden – all royalties donated to child welfare.

• 2012 Swedish book also published in English for some Schools in US.

• 2013 America with English book - all royalties donated to child welfare.


1997 – 2007

* I worked at Rezidor Hotels in many capacities: Co-ordinator for banquets, Shift Manager in restaurant, booking, reception, crew trainer, and as Service Manager.

* Continued to go to school and volunteer work for NGOs.

* I completed hotel and travel agency high school and improved English.

* After completed studies I also worked at airport; in booking and traffic for airlines Widerø and SAS – Scandinavian Airlines Systems.

• In early 2000, photography was my big hobby and also a good paid side business.

• I took photos, made collages, greeting cards, calendars, wedding albums.

* After more study in economy high school I become senior accountant.

* Got my 9th and 10th sponsor child in India and I also financial support 3 girls in Thailand and helped their families financialy.


1988 – 1997

• I got married to my best friend - one and only male friend i had. We got married under threat of death, because this was not allowed in my culture - 'family culture'. It was totally normal in the culture I lived in that parents, aunt, uncles and elder people in family find the person you have to marry. I was first one in that family ‘kind of my family’ to break that rule, which was not easy. I left behind that abusive family 'the family which never wanted me anyway'.

• I am still married to the same person and we have been together since 1987.

• I was adopted into Scandinavian / American family.

• I completed high school 1998-1992 business and trade high school.

• Volunteered at CASP, Community Aid Sponsorship Program in India which cooperated with Cfn in Norway and Plan International..

• Adopted 4 more long-distance daughters in India through NGO Cfi - Children future India.

• While continuing going to school, I worked in kindergarten, as taxi company assistant, MacDonald’s, nursing home, office assistant, and, etc.. etc….


1988 - 1989

• Attended trade and office high school.

• I got a male friend - which was not allowed in my culture - 'family culture'.

• The Family I lived with were very strict, followed strict culture rules.

• We faced lot of family voilence and struggle between two differences cultures.


1986 - 1988

• I attended high school in nutrition, domestic and social science for foreign students.

• Got first sponsor child in India in 1986 throuhg NGO Verden's Barn.

• I very often volunteered at Verden’s Barn, Children of the World.


1983 – 1986

• Came to Europe.

• Lived with this Indian family.

• Went to school - learned the language.

• And I worked at a variety of jobs, i.e., garden center, housekeeping and offices, newspaper delivering, working in nursing home and canteens.


1968 – 1983

• Born in little village in North India.

• Father tried to kill me when I was born, he did not wanted to have more daughters.

• And then my father traded me for a boy and he kept me out of his family.

• I was just a baby when my biological parets started moving to Europe, first the father then the mother and I was left behind in India.

• I became a maid servant at age 3 to an aunt’s family, I became her family's slave.

Family brutally physically and emotionally abused by aunt and her family.

• At 10 / 11 year old I was given responsibility for old grandparents because all their children had moved to abroad and other big town far away. I took care of them with my whole heart.

• Early teenage, my life took a new track, soon was my turn to go to Europe.


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