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My books


1. My first book was published in Norway in 2007 - called ‘Bare en Datter’.

2. Published in Finland in 2010 - called ‘Vain Tytär’

3. Published in Sweden in 2012 - called ‘Bara en Dotter’.

4. It was then publishes both in Swedish and in English in 2012 - called ‘Just a Daughter’.

5. Book ‘Sara’ was published in 2013 in cooperation with another Author. – ‘Sara’

6. My book is also published in Sri Lanka in 2013, called - 'The girl with freedom wings'.


All income from my books is donated.


Some of the income from books in Norway was donated to Plan Norway,

but most of the income went to Children’s Future India 'Indias Barn' for the Fund called higher education of girls in India.

Income of books in Finland went to Plan Finland for their worldwide girl’s campaign called ‘BIAAG’. BIAAG - Because I Am A Girl.

Some of incomes of books in Sweden go to Plan Sweden for campaign BIAAG.

some donation went for Amnesty for their campaign called My Body My Rights.

And some of the donation went to Jagriti Vihara in India.

Income from Books sold i USA also donated to Child Welfare.

Income of books in Sri Lanka goes to women’s project in Sri Lanka.


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