SaritaS FunD


SaritaS FunD


Support --> Strength --> Faith and Freedom --> Dreams and Dignity



I trust & I support .


You can also support GSP-Swadhar and Aple Ghar with your humanity and love.


Please send donations to this account number by using SWIFT CODE.


Sarita Skagnes (for the NGO’s GSP Swadhar and Aple Ghar)

co/ Bokförlaget Norlén & Slottner AB

Account number: 8156-2, 944 492 025-1

Account number: 556886-9381


IBAN: SE3280000815629444920251

Mark donation with: 'SaritaJi Donation'

SaritaJi donation will go for girl's education



More informations about GSP-Swadhar and Aple Ghar read in My NGOs folder.




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