Kavlifondet - Kavli Trust

My special thanks to Kavli Trust for supporting me with my work together with NGOs to make a better future for children and women. I am proud to work with Kavli Trust for better humanity.

* Kavli Trust is my biggest sponsor for the moment. Kavli Trust together with me support these NGO's -->

  • 1. GSP - Grameen Shramik Pratishthan, GSP working for blind women.

Kavli Trust will support GSP with Empowering of blind women.

Read more about GSP HERE.

  • 2. Aple Ghar, a home for children who needs place to live and care.

Kavli Trust will support Aple Ghar with children's education.

Read more about Aple Ghar HERE.


Little about Kavli Trust.


The Kavli Trust owns the Bergen-based Kavli food group, and this ownership provides the basis for its financial support of good causes. Part of Kavli’s profits are reinvested to strengthen and develop group’s operations, while the remainder benefits research, cultural activities and humanitarian work through the trust. Although the overall amount can vary from year to year, donations from the trust have recently increased substantially..


Both the Kavli Trust and the Kavli group have their main office in Bergen, Norway. The Kavli Trust is currently in the midst of an exciting development phase. Traditionally, it has received applications and spread support widely. But the recent trend has been towards backing fewer, larger and more long-term projects. In this way, the trust can make a bigger contribution to meeting important social needs and have a clear impact in these areas. The new approach also permits a closer partnership with recipients over a longer period, so that the two sides can jointly achieve better results and a bigger return for society from the funding.


Find out more about Kavli Trust here.


And about Kavli Food here.

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