Roshni - The Light


Roshni (The Light)


Sponsor child Roshni became a doctor, read the story below.



Through all these years I have been part of a big family – the helping organizations.

Recently I also started my own small foundation, SaritaS FonD. So many girls, including my sponsored children who have lived in slums have done well because they have had opportunities and financial support from their sponsors in Scandinavia. Many of these girls became police inspectors, engineers, managers, business women, doctors, designers, advocates, teachers, nurses, boutique owners and much more. Most important is that they all became independent and educated. Here is a story of one of them called Roshni.


Roshni lived in a slum area in Maharashtra, in a tiny little shed with her family. They were very poor and Roshni was often hungry. She would dream about a day when she would be free from her poverty. In her young age, she had to help her mother, in addition to her school work, and she sat long into the night twisting wicks to sell so they could buy food. Sadly, her alcoholic father spent a lot of money on alcohol, but Roshni had a strong mother; she supported her daughters. Roshni was the oldest; she understood in her young age that she had to work hard to get out of the slum and poverty and to become educated and independent.


Fortunately, at age 10, Roshni was accepted into a long distance adoption program through helping organization Children of the World She was assigned a sponsor who secured her basic education. Roshni got opportunities and financial support for many years until she became independent. Roshni’s dream was to became a doctor, but she needed so much money for her studies expenses. When Roshni was admitted into medical school, we all joined with other sponsors and held a bazaar twice a year to collect money for her continued education. I personally set up stands in front of the big shopping centers where I and my Scandinavian students that I was mentoring, sold homemade breads, cakes and other bakery items to raise the money. Thanks to sponsors, Roshni’s mother and Roshni’s hard work, Roshni’s dream came true. She became a doctor.


Roshni, together with her program manager visited us in Scandinavia. Excited and overjoyed, she said, “I had never seen an airplane other than up in the sky but now I have come to Europe in an airplane!” Roshni was invited to Scandinavia as a VIP because of her story of hard work and amazing success. It was a pleasure for me to have her and her entourage stay with me for two weeks.


During her stay in Scandinavia, Roshni visited all her sponsors and financial supporters. The story about her amazing success was covered in newspapers and TV channels. Alex and I took responsibility to follow Roshni and her company to various meetings, gatherings and to newspaper and TV interviews. I made them good Indian food every day when they stayed with me - something they were missing in Europe.


Roshni’s trip to Scandinavia and England became an important part of her general knowledge and education. She learned many new things and gained even more Independence. She became a hero, not only for herself, her mother and sisters, but also for other poor people from her hometown. Roshni told her younger sisters that they must be good students and, if they were, she would pay for their higher education. And they did - her second sister became an electrical engineer another a teacher and one became a nurse.


Roshni’s childhood neighbors could not fully understand how it was possible that such a poor family could send all daughters to school and to higher education.


Roshni is now a happily married woman, a mother of two wonderful children and part of a middle class family. Her husband is also a doctor. He and his family never asked for dowry, an expense that would have ruined Roshni’s family. Roshni started her work in her husband’s clinic but soon Roshni started her own and fulfilled her dream of becoming a Gynaecologist. She is happily married and has two wonderful children.


Roshni’s parents are also happy now; everything seemed to work out for them as well. Even her father is proud of her now, her father says, “Roshni has become a celebrity in the street here; she is a heroine now.”


When Roshni was talking to me in my house in Sweden, she said, “Sarita Madam, when I was born, my mother named me Roshni, which means very bright, and now finally I feel my name really is bright!” I agreed with her, I hugged her and told her I was immensely proud of her and that she deserved all good things after her struggles. We became emotional, hugged each other tightly as she, again and again thanked me for the hospitality and financial support.


I am so proud of Roshni and all my other sponsor daughters. All daughters can be anything they want; they can achieve education in their choice of study with the opportunities of support and social rights. All women have these inborn capabilities but are so often denied the rights and opportunities.


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